Picture this case scenario – you enter an Italian Restaurant in Pretoria (or anywhere else for that matter), you sit down with your friends and family at a cosy table, you then pick up the menu and order Chow Mein!! Or even more disconcerting, you order Dim Sum! Imagine how perplexed the waiter or the old Italian chef will look. 

Indeed, Italian restaurants are all about the fabulous Italian cuisine, and it makes little difference what you decide to order – so long as it is Italian and it satisfies your palate or appetite. 

For those restaurant patrons that are unsure of what appears on the menu, most chefs and waiters are only too happy to assist and to explain what the menu or specific dish has to offer. 

Ordering in an Italian restaurant and what appears on the menu all depends – some Italian restaurants are casual and their offerings, although simple, are exquisitely fresh and quite memorable. 

On the other hand, fine dining at an Italian establishment could be quite exquisite for diners that like a touch of class. 

It is never really about what to order in an Italian restaurant or what appears on the menu – so long as you select what you love and enjoy.  

Specials of the day often include ingredients that have come directly from farm to table.  

Select an Italian restaurant in Pretoria that comes highly recommended – remember that those that are referred to by word of mouth are often the best.