The best type of cuisine is food that has been prepared with fresh ingredients and with lashings of love and care. That is why Mama’s cooking tastes so great. You can practically feel the love as she smiles whilst preparing the dishes for her family. 

Most restaurants are borne out of a love of great food, and more often than not these establishments spring up from a place of passion and enthusiasm.  

Many Italian restaurants begin by being mom and pop creations; perhaps that is the main reason why they evolve into successful eateries. After all, who can resist a smiling chef overflowing with enthusiasm and filled with pride with his or her astonishing concoctions? 

Several chefs that run some of the most fabulous “best kept little secrets” ensconced in the heart of Jacaranda Land learnt how to cook their ravioli and lasagnas under flour-drenched kitchen tables at the feet of their mothers (and in many instances, their fathers). 

All respectable Italians grow their own herbs and veggies, no matter the size of their gardens. Fresh basil and oregano, rosemary and fennel, copious bulbs of aromatic garlic, heaps of tomatoes and more, soon find their way to Italian kitchens all over the world. It is indeed a cuisine that boasts freshness and authenticity on so many levels. 

Pretoria brags having its fair share of Italian jewels – here are 5 great Italian restaurants in Pretoria that you ought to try: 

  • Bruna’s Italian – cooking, laughing and eating are the order of the day (not to mention the great ambience, fresh ingredients and more). Book your place to get at a spot for some genuine cooking classes in Pretoria, or just come along and try the food to experience the real deal! 
  • Italian Club – fresh and simple true Italian cuisine enjoyed by the entire family 
  • Alfies Italian Café – a cosy eatery in Hazelwood with dishes conjured up by chef patron Alfredo Fiachetti 
  • Caraffa – Caraffa’s claim to fame is by offering fresh ingredients and home-made pasta dishes 
  • Capeesh – delicious Italian masterpieces made from the freshest elements combined with a jovial atmosphere make this Pretoria Italian restaurant a “must visit” for locals and visitors alike 

So much food and so little time to enjoy everything. Make your kitchen the automatic “go to” spot by learning how to create the real deal by attending cooking classes in Pretoria – it’s easy, it’s fun, and before long you will be making pasta like a true Italian pro.