The Best Flours to Use for Pasta Making in South Africa

Whatever happens during an Italian meal, chances are it will include a pasta dish. The pasta shapes and types used to make various dishes differ from one region to the next. Italian pasta dishes and types are as diverse as the flours used to make them. Pasta is a staple food for South Africa’s families. […]

5 Great Italian Restaurants in Pretoria

The best type of cuisine is food that has been prepared with fresh ingredients and with lashings of love and care. That is why Mama’s cooking tastes so great. You can practically feel the love as she smiles whilst preparing the dishes for her family.  Most restaurants are borne out of a love of great [...]

What to Order at an Italian Restaurant

Picture this case scenario – you enter an Italian Restaurant in Pretoria (or anywhere else for that matter), you sit down with your friends and family at a cosy table, you then pick up the menu and order Chow Mein!! Or even more disconcerting, you order Dim Sum! Imagine how perplexed the waiter or the [...]


Let's Eat Like The Italians Italian mealtimes are happy social occasions when the family gathers to chat and enjoy the cooking that mama has prepared for them. Let us explore eating Italian, further. Italians love explaining in great detail exactly how to make their traditional dishes – with each version differing from the last! Because Italian [...]

Italian Cuisine Passes the Cheese Test

The most esteemed cheeses of Italy are perhaps the two ancient Latin versions that are made from the milk of sheep that date way back before the founding of Rome and are still popular choices today.  One is the creamy ricotta and the other is the hard pecorino. Pecorino has been around for over 3 000 [...]