7 Italian Secrets for Making Pasta that Tastes Better

  7 Italian Secrets for Making Pasta that Tastes Better Italian cuisine – a confluence of culture, heritage, and love, culminating in a delicious bowl of pasta. Ever wondered about the Italian secrets for making pasta that’s on par with Nonna’s? Grab a glass of vino, kick back and let’s unravel the mysteries together. 1. […]

How to Cook Italian Food the Italian Way

  Experience Italy on Your Plate: Cooking Italian Food the Right Way One of the most popular and well-known cuisines throughout the modern world, Italian food requires a special touch and years of practice in order to master. However, we’ve got an Italian-food cheat sheet that you can use to make your Italian cuisine taste […]

How To Use Different Pasta Shapes?

How To Use Different Pasta Shapes

What type of pasta person are you? Do you love lasagna, or is it penne or bow tie pasta you love best? There’s a type and shape of pasta for every personality. Choose the right shapes for different sauces – here’s why. How Do We Categorise all the Different Pasta Shapes? With so many different […]

Flour for Making Pasta

Flour for Making Pasta

Home-made or store bought? Nothing quite beats making your very own pasta or bread. The results will always elicit hearty congratulations, no matter what type of pasta you are making. To create wonderful masterpieces, there are a couple of secrets to follow, though. What to do and what not to do when making homemade. Like […]

Gluten Free Pasta Class – The Art of Making Pasta

We would love to teach you how to make hand-made gluten free pasta. There are so many more gluten intolerant people out there – and no longer does your pasta have to taste like nothing. Great pasta, tagliatelle, angel hair and simple sauces that you would love. Hands on class and a great Italian experience. […]