7 Italian Secrets for Making Pasta that Tastes Better

  7 Italian Secrets for Making Pasta that Tastes Better Italian cuisine – a confluence of culture, heritage, and love, culminating in a delicious bowl of pasta. Ever wondered about the Italian secrets for making pasta that’s on par with Nonna’s? Grab a glass of vino, kick back and let’s unravel the mysteries together. 1. […]

How to Cook Italian Food the Italian Way

  Experience Italy on Your Plate: Cooking Italian Food the Right Way One of the most popular and well-known cuisines throughout the modern world, Italian food requires a special touch and years of practice in order to master. However, we’ve got an Italian-food cheat sheet that you can use to make your Italian cuisine taste […]

Traditional Italian Dishes by Town and Location

10 Traditional Italian Dishes by Town and Location

10 Traditional Italian Dishes by Town and Location When you think of Italian food, you probably picture the supposedly quintessential pizza and pasta. But Italian cuisine is so much more than that. There are different traditions depending on where in the country you’re visiting, with regional variations on classics. This is one of the reasons […]

How to Incorporate Italian Flavours into South African Dishes

authentic italian flavor in dishes

When you think about pasta, cream, truffles, cheese—the last thing that probably comes to mind is traditional South African food. But Italian cuisine and South African dishes have more in common than you think. Both have a tradition rich in vegetables, beans, fish, poultry, and dairy. We think blending Italian and South African flavours is […]

Is Wheat Intolerance a Fact or a Myth?

Wheat Intolerance

Wheat is a grain that humans have used since the beginning of time. Gluten-free experts make a convincing argument about the wheat toxins that we include in our modern-day versions. There’re usually two sides to every argument. We unpack the facts. So-Called Toxins We Find in Wheat Are Natural Protective Nutrients Why has the gluten-free […]

How To Use Different Pasta Shapes?

How To Use Different Pasta Shapes

What type of pasta person are you? Do you love lasagna, or is it penne or bow tie pasta you love best? There’s a type and shape of pasta for every personality. Choose the right shapes for different sauces – here’s why. How Do We Categorise all the Different Pasta Shapes? With so many different […]

Flour for Making Pasta

Flour for Making Pasta

Home-made or store bought? Nothing quite beats making your very own pasta or bread. The results will always elicit hearty congratulations, no matter what type of pasta you are making. To create wonderful masterpieces, there are a couple of secrets to follow, though. What to do and what not to do when making homemade. Like […]

The Best Flours to Use for Pasta Making in South Africa

Whatever happens during an Italian meal, chances are it will include a pasta dish. The pasta shapes and types used to make various dishes differ from one region to the next. Italian pasta dishes and types are as diverse as the flours used to make them. Pasta is a staple food for South Africa’s families. […]

Bruna’s Parsley and Lemon Pesto

Pesto Pasta Recipe

Bruna’s Parsley and Lemon Pesto This summer sauce can be enjoyed over hot or cold pasta with some cherry tomatoes, or with cooked fish. Love parsley and lemon.