The Art of Pasta making

A Christmas party celebration

learn to make pasta from scratch – by hand tagliatelle, angel hair pasta

learn the art of the best easy sauces

learn the way Italians have made pasta for generations – simple and delicious!

Start of with scrumptious feast of Italian antipasti, artisan breads, dips, cheeses and cold meats all imported from Italy.  Prosciutto, mortadella, salami, coppa whatever is in season, home made olives and the best olive oil available.

Wash this down with delicious “Vino organico” from Veneto region, Merlot, Nostrano and chilled prosecco as a starter.  A dry rose prosecco that tastes of wild strawberries. no added sulphites, natural, light and delicious.

Then eat the pasta you made with your sauces and experience the fruits of your labor.

A sumptuous dessert of either Tiramisu, affogato or a surprise!

End your meal and day with an espresso and a little digestive grappa – of cours