Different Types of Pasta Make the World Go Round

Natural and fresh is the truest way to describe the essence of Italian cooking and eating. 

In Italy the authentic Italian has learnt the art of waiting with a slight tingle of anticipation for the drama of nature to unfold one season at a time, and because absolutely everything is eaten at its freshest and in its proper time when it is at its finest, we can expect only the very optimum – bear in mind that no fruit, no vegetable comes from a hothouse but is picked and goes from farm to table. 

The stamp of natural cuisine is on everything and with it, one of the Western world’s finest cuisines has been created. 

Simple pastas can be prepared at home according to a very basic recipe. All types of pasta – lasagne, fettuccine, pappardelle, trenette, taglierini, lagana and stuffed pastas such as ravioli and cannelloni are really easy to prepare by simply using a basic recipe. 

Other pastas are a little more intricate to make such as bucatini, linguine, fusilli, macaroni, ventoline, vermicelli and spaghetti – these pastas should be made with only the very best quality flour and fresh ingredients and need a pasta machine for the most successful results. 

Pasta varieties are born from a basic recipe, and even though the cooking of pasta begins in most instances by boiling it may in all probability finish otherwise.