Lombardy and Beautiful Milan Have Much to Offer the Gastronome

 Stretching all the way from the Alps to the River Po, Lombardy presents eye-watering scenery of the Italian Lakes. Pastoral grazing land stretches as far as the eye can see where herds of tranquil dairy cows graze. Suffice to say, the milk from these herds supports a flourishing cheese industry. Lombardy cheese such as Bel Paese, Gorgonzola and Dolcetta are world-renowned. Agriculture also flourishes in this region and the vegetables; grain crops and veal are of superior quality.  

Chestnuts and almonds grow well in the region, too, which are used with gay abandon in unforgettable desserts and other sweet delights.  

Don’t leave Lombardy without tasting an authentic risotto, though, as the results of using excellent quality Italian rice are memorable as the Italian rice absorbs the perfect amount of liquid cooked slowly resulting in a dish of pure perfection. 

Lombardy traditional cooking is substantial, yet it is more refined and less heavy-handed than other regions of Italy. 

Milan, on the other hand, boasts being almost international as is the case with so many large metropolises throughout the world. Butter is by far the favourite cooking fat and rice and polenta tend to be the staple – perhaps a little more so than pasta.  

Veal is a terrific dish from this region and is cooked in numerous delectable ways. It is well-known that no one leaves a table hungry when dining in Milan! Additionally, snails, frogs and game are also popular choices. 

The lakes are overflowing with an abundance of fish. Delicious offerings include pike, perch and carp and other freshwater fish. Small wonder fish is one of the favourite dishes of Milan and Lombardy. 

Some of the red wines of the Valtellina Valley include: 

  • Inferno 
  • Sasella 
  • Grumello  
  • Freccia Rosso 
  • Chiretto del Garda 

Lugana is a favourite white wine and is one of the best of the Lake Garda wines – a golden, pale dry wine that pairs well with the local fish dishes