Liguria is known to offer some of the most authentic food in the whole of Italy. The azure sea washing on the golden shores of the narrow strip of Italian Riviera yields an overabundance of fish and shellfish of every colour, shape and size forming the foundation of some of the most delectable fish stews in Europe and dishes such as the fritto misto di mare and antipasto – so don’t shy away from these unusual and colourful names and instead tickle your taste buds with the unusual and delightful fare that grace the Italian tables of this region. 

Wild and wonderful herbs grow prolifically in gay abandon on the hillsides where oregano, rosemary, sage and dill vie with each other to flavour the excellent dishes conjured up by local Italian cooks 

The herb of distinction of Genoa is said to grow better than anywhere else in Italy with its spicy aroma being the basis of the unique green sauce which we have come to know and love as Pesto. As many of us know, Pesto is brilliant paired with numerous pasta and gnocchi dishes, and floats like a cloud to the surface of the thick Genoese version of minestrone. 

Other outstanding flavourants of the cooking of Liguria include lemons, spinach and mushrooms with a particularly aromatic variety of lemon being frown in Nervi which is a town close to Genoa. Genoa is also famous for its gastronomic delights. 

Additionally, olive trees flourish in numerous gardens and Italians are famous for taking their home-grown olives to be pressed locally where “green” olive oil is used in many of the dishes and although it does not keep for a long period of time, it is delightfully fresh and full of outstanding flavour.