South Africa presents a dozen cool places to visit. All it takes is a little imagination and a bit of planning to uncover the best spots on offer. 

Make a base at your favourite bed and breakfast establishment, and travel from a point that you could return to time and again whether you are embassy staff, travelling as a couple, or an intrepid business traveller; a place you can call your own. 

Explore the golden beaches of South Africa’s South Coast – paradise by the seaside: 

Margate is your quintessential seaside hamlet, plus the exquisite coastline boasts only having a real winter that begins around October. Expect kilometres of golden sand, bunches of bananas groaning on trees, whales, dolphins, hibiscus flowers and flocks of sea birds. 

The South Coast has much to offer where things are done in a different way in a more down-to-earth manner where people have their eyes on the blue horizon that stretches forever and their feet in the warm, blue ocean.  

Days are typically balmy throughout the winter months of June and July while the rest of South Africa shivers and is huddled up in front of fires, hiding away from the bitter, biting cold. 

Margate is unquestionably the tourist capital of the South Coast with its beautiful sandy beaches and enough rocky outcrops dotted throughout to please even the most experienced fishermen; a place where fruit is sold in great quantities on the side of the roads. Here there is fast food and ice-cream, exquisite art and craft and even a bird park that will please all ornithologists. 

Margate is a place well-known for its eclectic nightlife; the ideal antidote with its boutiques, cafes, bars and clubs to get away from it all. 

When in South Africa do as the South Africans do – take a trip to the South Coast for a winter sunshine fix.