In Naples You Will Find That You Have Landed in the Heart of Pasta-Land

Food and cooking from Naples is colourful, authentic and down-to-earth. Dishes in Naples spring straight from the ground so expect to find garlic, olives, pasta, plenty of herbs and veggies, fish and cheese of every description under the sun. 

It should come as no surprise that pasta is synonymous with Naples as you have now landed in Pasta-Land. If it isn’t hand-cut Tagliatelle, Fusilli or Strascinati, you will be able to indulge in Rechiette to accompany delightful sauces in kitchens throughout Naples. 

Pasta shapes that are unknown anywhere else can be found right here and as you travel around Apulia, Calabria, Basilicata and Campania you will bump into many different sizes and shapes of pasta. 


In Apulia you will find Recchietelle – also referred to as Orechiette, which means little ears which is as delightful and delicious as pasta can get, especially as the sauce gets caught inside the “ears”. 

Other names for “little ears” pasta is Orechiette, and Ricch’tell, bearing that these names may be referring to the various sizes and textures. 

Naples is also the home of Mozzarella cheese which is still made here from buffaloes’ milk instead of the milk from cows as is the case with the rest of Italy.  

Pasta Ai Fagioli

This delicious dish is pasta with beans and is sometimes infused with pork rind – not only is it a tasty dish but is also very nutritious and popular right across the globe – an ancient dish popular in many restaurants. It is fresh, simple and delightful. 

Other pasta dishes of this region include pasta with lentils – Pasta e Lenticchie and Pasta with Peas – Pasta e Piselli. 

Pasta Alla Genovese

Genovese Pasta is a stable of Neapolitan cuisine and is found on the tables of many families throughout the region. This pasta is Naples and not from Genoa, as many believe. 

The pasta is made from ziti which is a long pasta broken in half and topped with a delectable white sauce made from beef and onions in a white sauce which takes long to prepare, although the result is worth the long wait and effort.  

In Naples it is never Sunday without a hearty dish of hand-made pasta – after all, you have landed in the heart of Pasta-Land!