Outdoor enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice with so m on any wide-open spaces on offer in and around Pretoria. Listed below are just three of the many fantastic outdoorsy things to do in Pretoria, although there are plenty more to unpack. 

The Pretoria National Botanical Gardens

The Pretoria National Botanical Gardens boasts being one of nine National Botanical Gardens dotted throughout South Africa. 

The Pretoria National Gardens is a favourite spot amongst birding enthusiasts with an excess of 198 different species. If you are lucky enough you can spot hawks, falcons, kestrels and the famed Verraux Eagles. Additionally, the garden is home to numerous reptiles and small mammals. 

The Pretoria National Botanical Gardens effectively bridges the gap between scientific research and a recreational environment. Enjoy the fifty hectares which have been devoted to developing the gardens and which is home to many indigenous species of South African plants. Among the many flowering plant species there are in the region of 50% of South Africa’s tree species where visitors can enjoy a variety of biomes that include forest, fynbos and savanna as well as other plant species from varying biomes. A special feature is the treed wisteria avenue and unusual medicinal plants, cycads, aloes, succulents and natural, indigenous vegetation. 

Groenkloof Nature Reserve

Situated in the heart of the built-up areas of Pretoria, Groenkloof Nature Reserve offers hikers a welcome reprieve from high rise buildings and city life. This nature reserve offers a surprisingly natural atmosphere where various trails are presented to hikers of all levels. 

Enjoy the magnificent vistas stretching to and beyond the Voortrekker Monument, Waterkloof Golf Course, Unisa’s campus, Fort Klapperkop, and the CBD of Pretoria. 

There are various trails to choose from that differ in difficulty. Rocky hills can be expected as part of the yellow trail and recommended for the more fit and experienced hiker. Leading towards the top of the hill the yellow trail offers glorious views towards the Voortrekker Monument, Waterkloof golf course, the Unisa campus, the city’s CBD, and Fort Klapperkop. 

Horseback South Africa

With an emphasis on horse riding and conservation, the world-renowned Horseback Africa programme enables guests to view the game up close and personal. The serene surroundings from the lodge offer a breath-taking setting for families and small groups where a wide range of game including giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, antelope, warthogs, porcupine, caracals, jackals and at times, elusive leopards, makes this spot a wonderful place to view Africa’s wildlife. 

Outdoor activities and wide-open spaces abound in and around Pretoria – be sure to visit some if not all of these when passing through or hanging up your coat in the capital city of South Africa. Make sure you book accommodation at Bruna’s Italian Apartments