Every first-year student should attend Orientation Week which usually takes place towards the end of January and the first week of February before the doors of universities open in South Africa. So the question is “Where to Stay During Orientation Week?”


For out-of-town students that have not taken up their accommodation at res or digs yet or those that are using the train or bus to get to university, it would prove to be a convenient option to stay somewhere close by to attend Orientation Week; therefore, finding a place a stone’s throw away makes a whole lot of sense! 

Students that are attending the University of Pretoria and UNISA for the first time need to partake in these lectures and guided tours as the universities plan Orientation as a tool to assist their students to get acquainted with their new surroundings, thus making the transition from high school to university easier. 

Bruna’s Italian apartments will offer you the ideal spot for that home away from home vibe. Students will enjoy a pristine environment that is warm and hospitable; a place that offers outstanding views that stretch right across the city of Pretoria. Enjoy crisp, clean pure Egyptian cotton sheets that will welcome tired bodies at the end of a day filled with plenty of walking and listening to lectures. 

For those students without transport, getting to the UNISA and the University of Pretoria is easy. Simply catch an UBER or EZ Shuttle to get you there without the hassle of finding parking which is often in short supply. 

Orientation Week is also great for getting to know your fellow students and lecturers; this is a brilliant way of feeling as though you already belong and to gain an understanding of the responsibility for successful studies and the context of the values and principles of tertiary education. 

Book early to avoid the rush – Bruna’s Italian apartments have it all and some including comfort, convenience and ease of access.