Bruna’s in Pretoria offers a unique experience for the ladies

Planning a bachelorette event or party and looking for something different and unique for the bride-to-be, let this be your great idea.  Learn the art of artisan pasta making that you will use for the rest of your and your families lives as you add your love and affection to these great Italian dishes. We will teach the celebrating group of ladies how to make artisan pasta from scratch, just like they have done in Italy forever and get you hands-on working with love and passion,  involved and you can make your own delicious pasta, whether it is tagliatelle, angel hair pasta or one of the hundreds of pasta shapes.  Then you will also learn to make a tasty sugo (sauce) to go with your pasta.  These include pesto, burnt sage and butter, tomato and meat based sauces.  These are made to match the pasta you make on the day.

At Bruna’s Italian we love to host a bachelorette event and we will provide you with an excellent meal, a truly authentic Italian experience, starting with Antipasti selected specifically by Bruna (your host). We will then cook and eat the pasta you have made by hand and taste how this easy to make meal melts in your mouth. Then you will be engulfed in a decadent Italian dessert. All the while sipping on Organic Italian wines imported to South Africa and delivered to you by Chris (Bruna’s husband and your suck up guy if you want any wine). To end your evening you will be treated with some delicious espresso and Chris’s trademark Grappa.

This is something special for a ladies night out and bachelotte event and will not only get the girls together for a great celebration of the bride to be, but also be a fun adventure.