Lemons and Italian Cooking

Lemons are a staple of any Italian kitchen. The juice and rind go into innumerable dishes. Lamb, pork and beef, as well as fish, are served with a wedge of lemon. A twist of lemon peel served with your espresso got its start in America from a famous (unknown) restaurateur who wanted to put the […]

Pasta Dishes of Abruzzo

Abruzzo is ensconced in the middle of Italy surrounded by mountains and national parks, and as a result, this part of Italy has been quite isolated until recent times. Abruzzo is largely unspoiled and has been for centuries. The entire region is still dotted by ancient villages, castles and monasteries where everything from the culture [...]

Pasta and Wine – the Perfect Marriage

If it’s an Italian meal, it is almost certain that it will include pasta – and the right wines for pairing of pasta is as important.  Where in Italy Italy can find itself on almost any modern list when it comes to the world’s top wines. Most wine enthusiasts are familiar with the wines of [...]

When in Rome eat like the Romans

Rome is a gastronomic delight where you can find almost everything your heart (and stomach) desires – although there are four primary pasta dishes that dominate Roman menus, satisfying the fussiest of palates. Rome is a definite must-see and must-do for all food lovers; a city basking in a long and interesting history steeped in gastronomy [...]

Venice and Venito

Eating with your eyes in Venice The culinary influence is strongly Austro-Hungarian in the north-east corner of Italy which includes the regions to the north and the west of Veneto. That said, the food of Veneto – especially that of Venice, Padua, Verona and Treviso, is essentially Italian.   For fish and shellfish connoisseurs, Venice is [...]

Vegetables of Italy

Italian Cooks Really Know Their Vegetables  Italian cooks deal with cooking their vegetables better than anyone in the Western world. Italian farmers have been growing veg for a very long time indeed and right from the very beginning they put tender loving care into the art of market gardening.  The only Europeans who might have [...]

Meat as a Dish in Tuscany

As a rule of thumb, Italians don’t seem to eat plenty of beef although the Chianini steer of Tuscany is unquestionably one of the leading beef animals in the world.   Bue means “steer”, so when you find this word on an Italian bill of fare you are being offered beef, and probably roast beef, for [...]

How Artichoke made its way to Italian tables

The name artichoke is derived from the Arab word, Al-Kharshuf, but the Italians have developed the many varieties right across Europe to England where the 17th-century writer and gardener John Evelyn gave them the name “noble thistles”.  Artichokes were introduced into Italy in the 15th Century by the Saracens and are one of the most [...]

Florence and Tuscany

Tuscany and food are like horses and carriages – they are paired together in perfect harmony. The cooking of Tuscany is famous for its beautiful simplicity and the regional recipes have been fashioned and grown up around quality that needs no embellishments, elaborate garnishing or sauces.  Beef, Chianti, and beans spring immediately to mind when [...]

Fish dishes of Italy

Because Italy is a rather long, thin peninsula thrust deep into the sea, one would surmise that this is a country that is dedicated to eating fish.  Italians have been important consumers of fish since the days of the ancient Romans and it can be argued that nobody in the world cooks fish better than [...]