Where to Stay During Orientation Week

Every first-year student should attend Orientation Week which usually takes place towards the end of January and the first week of February before the doors of universities open in South Africa. So the question is “Where to Stay During Orientation Week?” OUT OF TOWN For out-of-town students that have not taken up their accommodation at res […]

Fun Stuff to Do in Pretoria This Festive Season

You don’t need to join the crowds in Durban and Cape Town at the seaside this festive season. Going away can tally up fast, and not every company has the funds to fork out bonuses. Think out of the box and instead do something a little creative locally.  Book a romantic stay at Bruna’s Italian […]

How to Accommodate Embassy Staff This Silly Season

Bruna’s Italian’s Olivo and Clara suites can be found ensconced in the heart of “Embassy Land” in Pretoria, which makes it the perfect place to find fantastic accommodation for the many embassies in and around this well-placed best kept little secret during the holiday season.   Pretoria is the national executive capital of South Africa with […]

Three Fantastic Outdoorsy Things to do in Pretoria

Outdoor enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice with so m on any wide-open spaces on offer in and around Pretoria. Listed below are just three of the many fantastic outdoorsy things to do in Pretoria, although there are plenty more to unpack.  The Pretoria National Botanical Gardens The Pretoria National Botanical Gardens boasts being one [...]

Cool places in Destination South Africa – From Qunu to King Williamstown

From Qunu to King Williamstown. This is a place where many of anti-apartheid firebrands hail from; two of the most remarkable being Steve Biko and Nelson Mandela.  The Eastern Cape bears the unmistakable scars of 100 years of frontier warfare which shaped the history and the cultural makeup of the Eastern Cape.   Unsurprisingly, retracing the [...]

Milan and Lombardy

Lombardy and Beautiful Milan Have Much to Offer the Gastronome  Stretching all the way from the Alps to the River Po, Lombardy presents eye-watering scenery of the Italian Lakes. Pastoral grazing land stretches as far as the eye can see where herds of tranquil dairy cows graze. Suffice to say, the milk from these herds [...]

Cool Local Places to Visit – Iconic Houses

Destination South Africa has much to offer those wanting to explore South Africa. Here are some great iconic houses to unpack, although there are many that are not mentioned here.  Satyagraha House in Orchards, Johannesburg  Mohandas Gandhi himself lived in Satyagraha House in the leafy suburb of Orchards just over a hundred years ago from [...]

Cool Places to Visit in South Africa

Calvina - South Africa's Best Kept Flower Secret The most esteemed cheeses of Italy are perhaps the two ancient Latin versions that are made from the milk of sheep that date way back before the founding of Rome and are still popular choices today.  One is the creamy ricotta and the other is the hard [...]