Pasta Dishes from Sicily

Home-made italian pasta making by a real Italian Mamma

Sicily is one of the little jewels on Earth boasting miles and miles of pristine beaches flanked by turquoise seas; volcanic mountains point to the sky and some of the richest histories in the Med can be found here.

Pasta Dishes of Abruzzo

Abruzzo is ensconced in the middle of Italy surrounded by mountains and national parks, and as a result, this part of Italy has been quite isolated until recent times. Abruzzo is largely unspoiled and has been for centuries. The entire region is still dotted by ancient villages, castles and monasteries where everything from the culture [...]

Pasta and Wine – the Perfect Marriage

If it’s an Italian meal, it is almost certain that it will include pasta – and the right wines for pairing of pasta is as important.  Where in Italy Italy can find itself on almost any modern list when it comes to the world’s top wines. Most wine enthusiasts are familiar with the wines of [...]

Naples and the South of Italy Specialty Pasta Dishes

In Naples You Will Find That You Have Landed in the Heart of Pasta-Land Food and cooking from Naples is colourful, authentic and down-to-earth. Dishes in Naples spring straight from the ground so expect to find garlic, olives, pasta, plenty of herbs and veggies, fish and cheese of every description under the sun.  It should [...]

The Wonderful World of Pasta

It's all about Italian food experiencesSimple pasta dishes are easy to prepare at home from scratch. All types of noodles including lagane, laganelle, fettuccine, papparedelle, trenette, taglierini, lasagne and stuffed pastas such as ravioli and cannelloni are super easy to prepare using a basic recipe and some practice.  The more complex pastas are obviously more difficult to make and at [...]

When in Rome eat like the Romans

Rome is a gastronomic delight where you can find almost everything your heart (and stomach) desires – although there are four primary pasta dishes that dominate Roman menus, satisfying the fussiest of palates. Rome is a definite must-see and must-do for all food lovers; a city basking in a long and interesting history steeped in gastronomy [...]

Bruna’s Parsley and Lemon Pesto

Pesto Pasta Recipe

Bruna’s Parsley and Lemon Pesto This summer sauce can be enjoyed over hot or cold pasta with some cherry tomatoes, or with cooked fish. Love parsley and lemon.

Gluten Free Pasta Class – The Art of Making Pasta

We would love to teach you how to make hand-made gluten free pasta. There are so many more gluten intolerant people out there – and no longer does your pasta have to taste like nothing. Great pasta, tagliatelle, angel hair and simple sauces that you would love. Hands on class and a great Italian experience. […]

Pasta-Making Tips

Ten Best Hacks for Making Pasta There’s a right way and a wrong way to churning out a successful batch of pasta. 

Pasta Varieties

Different Types of Pasta Make the World Go Round Natural and fresh is the truest way to describe the essence of Italian cooking and eating.  In Italy the authentic Italian has learnt the art of waiting with a slight tingle of anticipation for the drama of nature to unfold one season at a time, and [...]